Monday, 20 August 2012

Basic classification of gays

Though there are many ways in which we can classify the gay but what i suggest herewith is the basic and broad types. It’s my impression that many people believe that there are few types of gay men in this world: those who like to give, and those who like to receive.

the terms top, bottom, and versatile describe roles during sexual intercourse, particularly among gay and bisexual men.

on the basis of preferences and there role top are those who like to penetrate, in other words they would be more interest in the cats which are perform on women in normal sexual intercourse like fucking and so on. these are often called as "active" or "dominate" gay.

Bottom, on the contrary are the person who like to get penetrated. there are those guys who are more interested in which are generally done by females. they prefer to suck, get fuck etc. they are also known as "passive" or "submissive" gay

versatile are good combination of top and bottom characteristic. They would like the reciprocal  sex. A good example can be "69"

A bear

well.. the other classification can be done on the basis of body hair!!! 

There can be two: bear and twink. As name suggest, bear are the one who have  hair all over the body and twink is opposite of it with very less or no hair at all.  


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dont be Risk taker

Fighting Club

What can be the worst than this?

If you have started or already involve in loo hunting be beware of "Puplic Dhulai".

It’s not can be turn out to be offensive to someone and can end up with brawl or fighting a more. I heard that they tore off all cloths of the person who solicit except for undiee!!!What a embarrassing situation

Never indulge in at overcrowded places

Remember two things

1) Do not indulge in act unless you are well aware of the place.

2) Keep the urinals as far as possible as "pick up point" means select the person you like and take him to some safer place.

AS per Section 377, Indian Penal Act. 1860, Gay sex in public place is crime.

Monday, 11 April 2011

New Mumbai: Vasi

Vashi is one of the very active places. There are lot may cruising places all at near by distance!!!

This is one of my all time favorite place inside the Bus Depot. “Favorite “as Ialways get what I look for!!! The vashi bus Depot is really a good place to have fun and lot of hottest around to choose from!! The only disadvantage here is that every now and then there might be someone who wants to use the loo and it really disturbing and annoying especially when u are about to cum and all of sudden someone step in!!!  So if u has selected someone to have fun with u, can proceed to another safe destination…..

                      Next to Vashi Depot Uniral, we have number of small shops like  Paan Patti, juice etc and opposite side of the road  we have a “Meghraj Mulitiplex” Uhmm… so r we planning to watch a movie? Nope, there’s one more loo beside it, have one round of it, there are many chances to someone…….


  Just outside of Bus Depot we have “Shavaji Chok” which is perhaps the  center of all the “DENS”. The green line shows the direction form depot to turbhe and the red on indicate towards Vashi Railway Station and sector no. 10.Please notice the statue of Shavaji Maharaj, it faces towards the RED line i.e. towards Vashi Railway station

 Both the ways we have “HOT SPOTS” but if you have selected to walk towards the turbhe first,

           Get down at Vashi Bus stand, walk down towards turbhe on right side you’ll see the Indian oil petrol pump, walk down futher ask anyone about kaanda bataata market, the uniral is next to it. The best timng to go there is 6pm to 10pm every day on especially after dark. In daytime all kind of guys, who want to use loo and in evening time, guys who want m2m. All kind of guys come here, overage, middle aged, young ones, so have better option!!! It is covered unirals with opening at head level so if you can see someone coming from one side of the road. Most of the times it’s very clean. I have visitied may times and never came back unsatisfied. It is dark uniral so most mostly I found it safe

If u still walk few steps further, within seconds distance we have this
gate, which usually remain close but we can enter into it thought small
gate very next to it. As u enters inside, we have one loo at right hand
side. You can bring your partner here if u want to indulge in bit “Details”
and “long time”. This is less interrupted by the people so you can enjoy
at your own pace as u want!! If you ever curse yourself for “place”
then I this could solve your problem. The Market remains close on
Sunday but the loo…remains busy with the activities!!

Well that was all about when u walk towards turbe, but what if u walks towards the Vashi railway station from Shivaji Chok??
Humm… if u go in that direction keep on walking until u find “Yes bank” which opposite of “Apana Bazaar”. Next to “Yes Bank” we have this Panpatti wala and a flouriest shop on right hand side of the road and behind it, is the place we are looking for!!This is Sector no. 1. Plot no. 10.Mostly I found good quality of people here. It’s really worth to explore this place without fail especially if u passed by here.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

SEEPZ Andheri (East)

Seepz loo just opp to main gate and next
to seepz bus depot
This is one of the hottest place in Andheri SEEPZ especially late evenings. If you just go in the loo, i m sure you will find some guys playing inside. Just wait for few minutes and the other guy will touch u and play with your tool.....

Seepz main gate no. 1

I just happen to be there for copules of times and my experince is quite good.... Its very close to the main gate of the seepz

It is a clear loo and not all that dirty. When u find some guy there, stay some time and u fill find someone to play with you. this public toilet becomes a hot exciting gay spot after 8:00pm in evening all day till 11:00pm

 If you are facing the loo then on your right hand side is this road which will  lead u towards Jogeshwari-Vikhroli link road. Well, if your are uncomfortable inside the loo for rock n roll party you can proceed towards this way with your partner. There are lot of bush at the end of this road and u might find other pairs along the footpath searching for the place in the bush. Bringing a newspaper to sit or to sleep would enhance the fun!!! 

This is place near SEEPZ flyover on Jogeshwari- Vikhroli link road. This road have lots of bushes on both the side especially on left hand side if you are walkin towards L&T. Towards your way you will find a road connecting Arey Colony and Vijaynager below this road. If u found this place be there for sometime and I am sure you will find some hunk cruising!!! This is another place for the HUNT. Remember this palce is NOT  opposite of Reliance Energy Training Centre Bus Stop and is in same lane in which this center is. if u happen to be here on this  road ie opposite side of this center be careful as this is reign by eunuch, beautiful eunuches!!! U can go ahead if you wanna try out with them..... Best timing for this road cursing is after dark till 11:00 pm through out the week but most of them come here on Sat and Sun